Advanced Placement® (AP®) Equity Building Tools

Powerful tools that support AP success. These tools will help your AP program and classrooms address the needs of historically underserved students including those who identify as Black, Latino, and those experiencing poverty.

AP Equity Self-Assessment

Assess the extent to which your school’s and/or district’s AP program is promoting equitable outcomes. School and central office administrators, AP coordinators, department heads, and AP teachers can engage in completing this self-assessment.

AP On-Track Framework

Practical educational experiences that help students stay on-track to persist and be successful in AP over the course of an academic year. Teachers, instructional coaches, curriculum directors, department heads, school administrators, and anyone supporting instruction will find this tool useful.

Classroom Strategies for AP Success

100+ classroom strategies to support Black and Latino students as well as those experiencing poverty to succeed in their AP coursework and on the AP exam. Anyone supporting instruction will find helpful ideas to implement in this extensive curation of AP classroom strategies.

Tools developed by educators for educators.

Mass Insight’s AP Equity Building Tools were developed by experienced AP teachers, practitioners, leaders, and experts in the field.

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