Model for students how to effectively deal with competing demands and how they can apply time and stress management strategies to their lives

Modeling thinking is a powerful way teachers can provide students with an inside look at thought processes. At this point in the year, teachers and students are both dealing with competing demands. Teachers can model their thinking about how they manage the natural tension that arises when tending to different tasks that require their attention and effort. Teachers can also share how their judgement calls result in concrete actions and choices about where and when to allocate their effort to a given responsibility. This modeling will help promote self-management skills in students.

We suggest implementing these strategies:

Explore Student Experiences Throughout the School Year

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Strong Start


Keeping Up


Midterm Reset


Exam Prep


Due to varying school schedules and contexts, the exact timing of the critical periods will differ by school and even by class. The months provided are a guide for where teachers should be looking for experiences based on time of year.

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